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Non Chemical Online Scale Prevention System
A) Improvement In The Plant Load Factor
  • Scaleoff gives guaranteed zero scale in condenser and other coolers resulting in constantly maintained efficiency of the heat exchangers thus helps in improvement of PLF. Due to it's unique ability to precipitate scale forming salts into very fine particles of colloidal nature, Scaleoff does not allow the deposition of these salts in heat transfer area, Moreover the precipitated salts get re-dissolve in water/fluid as soon as they reach the zero velocity zone in cooling tower basin, thus keeping the complete cooling tower circuit scale free.

B) Removal Of Existing Scale
  • Due to the reduction of the free Calcium and Magnesium from solution by the formation of their Carbonate crystals and the solubility being constant, water/fluid can dissolve more salts, which it tends to pick up from the existing scale in the system, thereby desalting scaled up systems. However, it is not marketed as a scale remover, but as a scale preventer.

C) Reducing Water Consumption & Water Wastage:
  • Scaleoff has been tested successfully to operate at very high level of hardness (10000ppm). This unique ability of SCALEOFF gives freedom to use RO Reject & ETP treated water in Cooling tower as make up water and allows it to increase cooling tower COC above 20, thus reducing blow down quantity almost equivalent to drift and windage loses. This can make a very unique, practical & most economical zero discharge condition.

D) Prevent Water Pollution
  • With the reduction in blow down & consumption of effluents like RO Reject & ETP treated water in cooling tower as make up water SCALEOFF provides a great help in minimizing surface water pollution. Further, elimination of dosing of chemicals like anti-scalant and stopping use of Softener, SCALE OFF offers great help in reducing the water pollution.

E) Zero Recurring & Maintenance Expenses
  • Panel content Scaleoff does not have any operating & maintenance expenses thus is a “fit & forget system”. Due to special design of the core, SCALEOFF creates heavy turbulence in water/fluid flowing through it, which makes it a self cleaning & maintenance free equipment. Further since Scaleoff does not incorporate any moving part and any external energy source, it is a totally maintenance free Equipment.

F) No Change in Chemical Composition of Water
  • Scale off does not change the chemical composition of water, but instead, changes the nature of the scaling salts from a dissolved state to a suspended state, thereby preventing scale build up.

G) No Risk of Corrosion
  • Water softeners necessitate use of corrosion inhibitors, as soft water tends to be corrosive. Similarly, chemical dosing reduces the pH of water, thereby increasing the risk of corrosion. SCALE OFF on the other hand has the unique advantage of preventing scale deposition without increasing the risk of corrosion.

H) No Investment Risk:
  • ScaleOff is sold with a 5 years Performance Guarantee. In view of this, there is no investment risk on part of the user of the equipment. It also offers a low pay back period, depending upon the type of industry and present means of water/fluid treatment.
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