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We are the manufacturers and suppliers of Non-Chemical Water Treatment Plant. This equipment do not require any kind of chemical for the removal of scale from hard water. In this equipment, Scale Off part consists of a pipe with a special alloy core inserted inside. The unit comes in different sizes and flanged as required - (see the specifications). In order to prevent scale from forming in a piece of equipment the scale off is installed in the pipe lines which feeds water to it. The secret of its success is found in the core - its shape, its composition and a combination of the pressure changes and turbulence that the special design causes.

The scale off operates as a catalyst using the pH rise generated by the alloy to trigger precipitation of calcium carbonate in the bulk of the water forming stable crystals. This result is a water which has less calcium carbonate in solution and a mass of seed crystals which, should the water then be heated, act as sites for further precipitation in preference to adhering to the hot surfaces - thus protecting them from scale.

Your problem
The formation of scale caused by hard water in pipe work and equipment is costly and seriously reduces operating efficiencies. Scaling and its removal manually or by chemicals can cause damage to equipment.

Generally the application of chemicals has been the traditional method of handling these problems - however increasing environmental pressures and restrictions are causing responsible industries and plant operators to look for alternative methods.

Round FRP Cooling Tower Round FRP Cooling Tower

Scale off Profile Catalogue :

Your answer
Scale off provides the ideal solution to the problems associated with hard water scaling;
- It is totally safe to the environment.
- Constant supply of treated water.
- Requires no shutdowns for maintenance
- Uses no energy or electricity
- Warrantees for 5 years
- Scale off is the leader in non-chemical water treatment systems.

Scale Formation
Hard water causes scaling, which is the left-over mineral deposits of Calcium and magnesium salts , also referred as hardness salts

Scale Formation depend two factors: Temperature & pH. As the temperature of water in cooling circuit increases, it causes scale formation on heat transfer surfaces.

Scale Formation Scale Formation

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As the temperature of water in cooling circuit increases, it causes scale formation on heat transfer surfaces.

The solubility of hardness salts decreases with the increase in temperature which results in deposition of salts in precipitate form on heat transfer surface.

Concerns of water usage in industrial applications
: Scaling          90-92 %
: Corrosion     4-5 %
: Algae            2-3 %

SCALE OFF - On Line Scale Prevention System

Water Cooled equipment are required to operate at design efficiency; careful attention must be paid to the conditioning of both the raw and re-circulated water.

The polluting techno sphere doses more and more salts into our water system, the hardness of water keeps increasing. The bicarbonates of Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) salts add to the temporary hardness of water and it is this parameter of water which requires Scale off. Due to various factors like change in temperature, pH etc., the carbonates of Ca and Mg salts gets precipitated and is deposited as scales in the condenser, boilers etc.

Scale and fouling deposits causes poor heat transfer through the exchanger tubes, reducing efficiency and increasing energy cost. Once a thin film of scale forms, rate of scaling increases rapidly. Thus to prevent formation of scale, "Scale off " is used.

WELDON ENGINEERS (INDIA) brings you the state of art technology, "Scale off" in solving the problem of scale formation in the cooling system. It is an on line equipment, in the shape of a pipe, made of seamless stainless steel, with a special core made of alloy fitted inside, exclusively designed to meet your requirement and can be fitted on the tapping or the main header of the water feed line without any special equipment. Size required can be determined by the reference to the chart of minimum flow rate.

SCALE OFF A online non-chemical water treatment involves no chemicals, handling disposal or electricity.

SCALE OFF is units are completely self contained. Water passes through a very special metal alloy in a turbulent state. This electrolytic action changes the super saturation ratio of water, which physically effect the structure of suspended particles in the water. After installing SCALE OFF units your industrial water system will be completely scale-free. Hardness particles will remain suspended in the water flow instead of forming layers of scale deposits from these areas. SCALE OFF unit will help prevent new scale deposits from forming and will also gradually disintegrate any scale remaining in the system.

A complete line of sizes from 3/8" to 30" in diameter is available to fit any application. SCALE OFF unit can also easily be fitted in the existing pipe line without making any alteration in the system. SCALE OFF unit is built to highest quality standards, completely warranted for materials, workmanship and long life performance guarantee. SCALE OFF A online non-chemical water treatment device keeps industrial water systems scale-free... WHILE SAVING MONEY EVERY DAY OF INDUSTRIAL OPERATION.

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Specifications Of SCALE OFF - On Line Scale Prevention System

The unit is a non-chemical on-line type scale Preventor not requiring any chemicals.

Selection Procedure

Comparison between Scale off and Water Softener

1 Composition of Water It reduces the pH of water thereby making it more corrosive in nature. The water remains neutral only the physical properties changes.
2 Recurring Cost Heavy monthly expenses in procurement, inventory, storage, handling and supervision of chemicals and salts to be dozed. No Recurring Cost
3 Prevention of Scale Water softener is designed for a particular hardness level (max 600 ppm) Prevents scale formation and removes existing scales from pipelines and condenser tubes. It has treated water hardness upto 3000 ppm.
4 Maintenance Special manpower required for regeneration of resins and operation. No man power required as SCALE OFF is an online equipment.
5 Man Power Requires extra manpower for monitoring and dosing of chemicals. No man power required as SG is an online equipment
6 Energy Consumption Needs electrical energy for operation. No energy required for operation thus saves the electricity bill.
7 Pollution Disposal of untreated Brine water is a major problem. No pollution
8 Inventory Space for softener is required No space is required as it is installed online. In the pipe line after the pump and before condenser
9 Pay back Adds on recurring cost per year. Depending on water hardness payback period can be from 3 months to 1 year


SCALE OFF possesses many advantages over conventional water treatment systems, some of which include:-
As SCALE OFF has no moving parts, it requires no replacement of spares or extra maintenance other than normal plant maintenance.
Maintenance Free
- Extra Space for the unit is not required
As the equipment is installed on - line of the cooling circuit
Eliminate Recurring Costs of Expensive Chemicals / Resins
SCALE OFF has no recurring costs associated with chemical dosing or water softening, as no chemicals, regenerative salts or resins are used.
No Energy Consumption for running of the equipment
Unlike conventional water treatment SCALE OFF doesn't require any power or electrical inputs

Saves in Energy Consumption of the plant
Scale reduces heat transfer efficiency resulting in increased energy consumption, which can rise by almost 50%. As SCALE OFF is constantly preventing the deposition of Scale, thereby saving valuable energy cost

No Corrosion Risk
Water softeners necessitate the use of corrosion inhibitors, as the water tends to be corrosive. SCALE OFF on the other hand has this unique advantage of preventing scale without increasing the risk of corrosion.

No Pollution
Chemical dosing and water softening system require the use of chemicals, which are hazardous and cause pollution. Disposal of such hazardous chemicals in the environment is also a difficult task faced by customers.

Low Payback Period and Saving of Operational Cost
The pricing of SCALE OFF ensures that the user of the systems derives a payback period of three months to one year. This is made possible by savings in operating cost as compared to the fixed investment required.

The energy savings, the reliability of your equipment, the durability of SCALE OFF... add it all, it's a sound investment.

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